British Museum, London
Stela no EA 374
Amennakht's votive stela
British Museum EA 374
20th dynasty, about 1160 BC
From Deir el-Medina
The stela records Amennakht's
prayer to the local goddess to
remove an affliction
Praising to the ka of Meretseger,
mistress of the West, by the
scribe of Deir el-Medina,
Amennakht, justified:
"Come in mercy, oh mistress of
the West!
mistress who turns herself
(since) you cause that I see
darkness by day."
(Galan, 1999, 24)
1. Galan, Jose M.: Seeing darkness. IN : Chronique d'Egypte, Vol. 74, Number 174/1999. p. 18-30.