Chapels east of the
enclosure wall of the
main Ptolemaic temple
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1. Bomann, Ann H.: The private chapel in ancient Egypt : a study of the chapels in the
workmen's village at el Amarna with special reference to Deir el-Medina and other sites.
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Another group of cult structures is located to the east of the enclosure wall of the main
Ptolemaic temple. On the lower slopes of Qurnet Mura'i lay remains of two buildings, one of
which was classified by Bruyère as a temple, photographs and discussion of which can be found
in the "
Temple" page. The other remains belong to the small Ramesside chapel situated
opposite the southeast corner of the enclosure wall.
The chapel was cut into the cliff of Qurnet Mura'i. It consisted of a hall, pronaos and
sanctuary. The hall was entered via a flight of steps. It contained two benches, one along the
southern wall, another one opposite, along the northern wall.
Four steps with a balustrade led to the pronaos, which contained two columns. There were
benches in each niche of the tripartite sanctuary. There were traces of wall decoration that
survived on the northern wall of the sanctuary.
The chapel was transformed into a Christian church at a later date.
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