Aerial view of
Deir el-Medina
Rock shrine
Photography © Warwick Barnard 2007
A - The settlement
B - The Ptolemaic temple of Hathor and Ma'at
C - The Western necropolis
D - The Eastern necropolis
E -
The great pit
F - The chapel of Hathor of Seti I
G - The temple of Amenhotep I
H - The temple of Amun of Ramesses II
I - The French dig house
J - Towards the
rock shrine of Ptah and Meretseger
K - Sennedjem's house
L - The ancient path to the Valley of the Kings and to
stone huts at the top of the cliffs
M - Modern car park
N - The tourist rest house & bookstall

Western necropolis tombs:
TT1 - Sennedjem's tomb
TT2 - Khabekhenet's tomb
TT3 - Pashedu's tomb
TT5 - Neferabu's tomb
TT8 - Kha's tomb
TT291 - Nakhtmin and Nu's tomb
TT1159 - Sennefer's tomb
This wonderful photo of Deir el-Medina was taken by Warwick Barnard from Sydney, Australia, during his balloon trip over the Theban West bank in the early hours of January
17th 2007. Very little has changed since. The aerial view is an ideal tool for understanding the layout of the site as seen from the East towards the West, where the sacred
mountain of al-Qurn rises up. Please use the legend below to guide you around and the links for more detailed information and closer views of individual parts of the settlement.
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