Egyptian Museum, Turin
Stela no 50043
Photograph by Su Bayfield 2008
Photography © of Museo Egizio di Torino
Stela of Amenemope
From Deir el-Medina
18th-19th dynasty
Dimensions: 39 x 29,1 x 2,4 cm
Inventory nu: Cat. 1515
RCGE 50043
This round-topped stela is divided into
two registers. The upper register
depicts the solar disk in the solar
barque, resting on the hieroglyphic
sign for sky. In the lower register
the deceased is depicted standing on
the left, facing to the right, with his
arms raised in adoration. He wears an
ankle-length kilt. The figure is in
part chiseled out. The remaining area
of the register is divided into 9
columns of hieroglyphic inscription. It
contains an abbreviated version of a
solar hymn. Some traces of preserved
pigment are visible on the stela: red
for the solar disk, yellow for the
boat and its background, blue for the
sky and the hieroglyphic signs. The
dedicator of the stela is named as