Egyptian Museum, Turin
Stela no 7357
Photograph by Hans Ollermann 2008
Photography © of Museo Egizio di Torino
Stela of Ipuy
From Deir el-Medina
19th dynasty, around 1292-1186 BC
This round-topped stela is divided
into two registers.
In the upper register, which is
executed in raised relief, the King of
kings Harakhte is followed by
Amenhotep I, Osiris and the goddess
In the lower register, which is
executed in bas-relief, Ipuy is
depicted with his wife and their
children: Nebnakht performs a ritual
purification, Huy and Werel offer
The deceased was a painter and
sculptor at Deir el-Medina. His tomb
is TT 217.
57 x 38,4 x 7,4 cm
Cat. 7357 RCGE 5689