AV Project Deir el-Medina
Rock shrine
Welcome to our summer 2013 updates page which came into being as a product of our cooperation with Warwick
Barnard of Sydney, Australia. Warwick is already known on this web site for his breathtakingly beautiful
photographed while he was walking across the Theban hills in January 2007. The magnificent panorama, which was
rendered from six contiguous images and then processed into a reduced size image (the original was over 43 MB),
became his inspiration for the project shown below. Using the PicturesToExe Deluxe program Warwick created an
impressive photo slideshow with a musical accompaniment that can be safely and quickly downloaded from the dropbox
site using the link below. The size of the executable file is 48 MB and will in some cases take several minutes to
download. Once downloaded, click on "Run", sit back, relax & enjoy. Once the 3 minute project is finished, hit "Escape"
button to return back to your screen.

This page was last modified on December 14th 2017